Marie Bliss December 4, 2017

Adventure races are one of the most popular outdoor activities for all athletes no matter what kinds of sports they play. They want to improve their muscles group and endurance training through an excellent outdoor activity like adventure racing. On the one hand, they also need to train their mind to reach some higher targets. Well, what is adventure racing that many athletes often choose to practice?

An overview of adventure racing

Adventure racing is a special term that refers some outdoor activities with adventurous elements like biking, trekking, and paddling.

To start a race, you need to focus on some checkpoints on a map. Then, you should analyze some clues in an instruction sheet to support you find the exact checkpoints.

In the instruction sheet, you probably identify the order with the checkpoints. Also, you can know how to travel through each point such as by foot, canoe, by mountain bike.

The major of the race is to find as several checkpoints as you can in the limited time. You are allowed to use the map, the instruction sheet, one compass only.

On the flip side, players need to make a team sport with some other players between 2 and 4 persons to begin the race.

Some races require solo participants, but you also want to have a small group to help you some detailed information in the race.

In general, your team has to challenge 100 feet of each other during the race. The length of one race begins with some short-sprint races to long races.

You can complete these short-sprint races within a few hours, but longer events require many days to overcome.

All racers need to prepare some important things such as foods and beverages, basic medical care, standard hydration equipment, etc. to keep their strength while challenging the final target through the race.

Some tips you need to know before starting an adventure racing

Train your mind to face several difficulties

In each racing, facing some tough difficulties is a common situation for all racers. Do you know that why experienced racers can meet many daunting challenging? Before getting started, they have to train their mind to avoid their natural scared. Therefore, you should also do the same by practice your mind to keep calm and find a solution to each challenge.  

Prepare some important outfits and equipment

Adventure racing is an outdoor activity with a kind of playing sport, so all racers always need to gear up their outfits carefully. You enable to bring shorts, T-shirt or other casual clothes to make you feel comfortable.

However, you should not wear new outfits for the first time on your race day because it will cause blisters. In case you want to use a backpack during the race, you should not select the cotton one because it probably absorbs your sweat and you will feel cold at the same time.

Check the weather all the time

You cannot predict the weather, so you should check the weather carefully before entering the race days. During your racing days, you also need to check the weather condition regularly to ensure that you have a right plan and get several checkpoints.

Let your body practices with difficult conditions

This factor is also crucial for all racers as their bodies need to adapt to the new environment or other tough conditions. You ought to take time to train your bodies. Run on some roads, try to trek in some low mountains, bike in some harsh terrains, etc. are lots of workout programs that you should practice.


For those who are not an athlete, they can choose this outdoor activity to practice their physical as well as their mental health. Some short-sprint races will be suitable for these persons to train. Thus, shorter races have recently become much more popular for everyone to practice.


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