Marie Bliss November 30, 2017

There is no doubt that the golf rules are very stringent and detailed. It is aimed to make the players commit off the beginning period to enjoy the game. When playing with family and friends, golfers are able to ease the transition. However, they worry when playing golf with others since they are not aware of the rules.

The basic golf rules for beginners are not too difficult for them to grasp. This helpful info will help the newcomers feel simpler.

1.Clubs have to be always in your bag

You should know that you are given permission to carry fourteen clubs during your round. Of course, it is possible to bring less but you have to ensure that before starting you should check the contents (the rule 4-4).

Woosnam, the championship in Open final round overnight leader in 2001 can reveal you the rule 4-4 since he was deducted two strokes because of keeping too many clubs in his bag.

2. Remember to compete within the tee’s parameters

We can not deny the fact it is always uncomfortable with the 1st tee shot in spite of the seasoned golfers. That is the reason why you should tee up behind and between the appropriate markers. Yellow is for men, white for medal tees and red for ladies.

With the thought in the of the average players, you may forget these parameters easily. According to the rule 11, when they tee up the balls outside, they must receive the penalty that is 2 shots in stroke play.

3. Prevent playing the wrong balls

It sounds obvious but if you do not mark the ball before starting, there will be a danger. You should know that a lot of bails are stamped similarly, so it is possible for you to take the ball of others.

When you play the wrong ball, it means that you lose the hole in singles. In addition, you will be punished 2 strokes in the stroke play. In order to limit such a punishment, it is a good idea to mark your balls with special symbols.

In case, you are not sure the ball, do not hesitate to inform your partners, then mark your ball more carefully. Never clean it if you only want to identify it. You can use another identical spot if you are allowed. (Rule fifteen-one)

4. The rules for Green

There is the important rule you have to take when you gained the green. When the ball is put on the surface, you can mark it with a disk or a coin, lift and clear it but do not forget to put it in the exact spot.

You are allowed to fix any pitch marks or other mistakes. But you can do it on the line of your putt, you only carry one the putt of the partner.

According to the rule seventeen, you can use the flagstick but never strike it.

5. Play the ball when it lies

You always play the ball since it lies even though it rest if the rule does not let you do otherwise.

You should know the common exemptions such as the influence of the loose barrier. You are able to remove litter, loose twigs, leaves or obstructions’, including sprinklers, drainage, man-made paths. Since then, you feel more confident to drop the ball within 1 club length. (Rule thirteen-one).

6. Unplayable lies

In the event, your ball has rested in a place that you can not play, there are three options you can make.

The first choice is that you can hit the ball from the position of your last shot. Another is that you put the ball behind where you can not play. Finally, you can drop the ball between 2  club lengths.

Following rule twenty, every choice happens as 1 stroke penalty.

7. Get advice from other golf players

Although golf is considered as a sociable sport, it is also known as a solitary game and the rules reflect this. It is wise to ask the advice of your friends to select the clubs. In addition, you can browse the reliable golf sites to learn how to play well, how to choose ball as well as marking your ball.

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