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If you’re considering buying a new Bear bows, you might want to consider a Bear bows as they are made by one of the leading companies in the archery business. Bear Archery has been offering archers some of the best compound bow models ever. To know more about Bear Archery and Bear bows, let’s learn about the legend Bear Archery together.

History of the legendary Bear Archery

Bear Archery is a company that manufactures bows and archery equipment. Bear Archery was established in 1933 by Fred Bear (March, 5th, 1902) and his friend, Charles Piper, with the name Bear Products Company in Detroit. The company was named Bear Archery in 1940 and moved to Grayling, Michigan, in 1947.  This is when Bear Archery started their bigger production process and became a legend in the archery industry.

In the past, Bear bows were known for the recurves which is invented by Fred Bear designed himself. However, nowadays, Bear Archery is famous for the fast single cam type of bows and innovation.

Bear Archery

Notable technologies and achievements

Eccentric systems

Bear Archery produces E cams (smooth drawing cam) and Skeleton cams (more aggressive speed cam which produces impressive IBO speed).


Limbs are constructed with continuous and uncut fibers. They are designed to pack energy in the bows during draw then transfer it to the arrow efficiently.


Risers are a staple in Bear bows. They are made from machined aluminum and designed with a skeletal cut-out. This equipment is very strong and durable.

Reputation and services

Bear Archery might be noticed the most for their famous recurve department in the past few decades. But high-end bows are what makes them one of the leaders in the archery business as Bear Archery has innovated a lot in the past few years.

Bear Archery has been receiving a lot of positive reviews about its customer services from their customers.

Product range

Youth Bows

Bear Archery has been offering a really wide range of Youth bows, covering the very young to older children. The Youth lineup includes Brave, Scout,  1st shot, Wizard, Crusader, Titan, Bullseye x Recerve, Sonoma Recurve, Firebird, Warrior, Goblin, and Flash.

Bows for lady archers

These bows are exclusively designed for female archers with attributes such as lightweight, have shorter draw lengths and lower draw weight with pink strings and cables.

Traditional Bows

Aside from modern bows, Bear Archery still produces traditional bows with high quality for traditional archers. The traditional lineup consists of Kodiak, Takedown, Super Kodiak, Kodiak Magnum, Super Mag 48, Cheyenne, Grizzly, Super Grizzly, Kodiak Cub, Patriot, Montana, and Au Sable.

Compound bows (Hunting/ 3D bows)

Over the past few years, compound bows have become really popular with an impressive lineup. Compound bows have really good shoot ability and characteristics. Currently, Bear Archery has offered a compound bow lineup with Escape, Escape SD, Arena 30, Arena 34, Bounty RTH, Finesse, BR 33, Marshal, Wild, Traxx, Cruzer, Cruzer Lite, and Threat.

Which Bear bow is the best for you?

Bear BowThere is always more than 1 factor when it comes to choosing a bow, but always keep in mind that the best bow for you is the one that works best for you (your skills, your shooting style, and your physique). The criteria range, depending on your level of shooting.

  • For example, If you’re just a beginner, you need to prioritize shoot ability, speed, and affordability. This is because beginners need a more forgiving bow compared to experienced archers.
  • For experienced or advanced archers, they’re surer of what to look for and there are certain specifications that they’re after: draw length, draw weight, axle to axle…
  • However, either you’re just a beginner or an advanced/ experienced archer, it’s important to do a research as all the specifications of a bow and read bow reviews to know if that product is worth your money.

Where to look for information about Bear bows?

Today you can do almost all the choices and consider at home, via the Internet.  There are a lot of useful product reviews that archers do every year so you can be sure that everything is up to date.

Of course, the first source to look for information for a Bear bow online has to be their official website. You’re supposed to find all the authentic information about their products that are available on the website such as specifications, prices, and sales. There are also other equipment and apparel on sale such as accessories, gear, licensed, hats, and clothes.

You can go to archery forums, websites, and blogs… where thousands of people share the common love for hunting. Many of the members are experts in the field and they would be happy to share with others their tips and expert advice.

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