Adventure racing

Marie Bliss December 9, 2017

I remember the 1st time I walked into a bicycle store; this might be my own first costly (at lowest to me) road bike. My little brown eyes were like saucers along with my sensations soared when I saw every imaginable design with reviews hanging on the wall. Every one of them representing this pinnacle […]

Marie Bliss December 9, 2017

Triathlon is now fast becoming the most popular game activities on the globe of amateur athletes. Every single weekend, many normally sane individuals pull themselves away from the bed to be able to compete in a triathlon. But when you have never attempted a triathlon previously, is there any type of concept regarding triathlon for […]

Marie Bliss December 4, 2017

Adventure races are one of the most popular outdoor activities for all athletes no matter what kinds of sports they play. They want to improve their muscles group and endurance training through an excellent outdoor activity like adventure racing. On the one hand, they also need to train their mind to reach some higher targets. […]

Marie Bliss November 2, 2017

Two hundred fifty thousand people have participated in adventure races during the last five years, estimates the United States Adventure Race Association (USARA), which sanctions 90 percent of United States adventure races. “That number should double or triple in the next year or two,” says USARA president and founder Troy Farrar, “Half the states haven’t […]