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Marie Bliss January 14, 2018

When you play golf, players need to have a large lawn, planting grasses in expensive to fit in and not change your means and strike. Beautiful design and as wild as possible, come up with golf, players will feel comfortable, forget the tired everyday… with respect to the current technology era, wanting to play well and the right technique then surely the golfer must need the equipment or useful support application. The article below will help you learn about the extremely important device for golfers. (You can find more articles about ubergolf GPS reviews to decide which choice best equipment for themselves).


Marie Bliss December 22, 2017

The drive is the most psychologically burdened of all shots: Like it or not, one’s ego is inextricably linked to how far the ball goes. No wonder even accomplished golfers sometimes whiff and foozle. The best defense against tee-box self-consciousness, according to Kathy Murphy, a top instructor for the LPGA, is overwhelming it with imagination. “Precise intentions are important,” she says. She recommends visually painting an X in the fairway exactly where the ball should land.


Marie Bliss December 6, 2017

When it comes to golf, whether you are a beginner or experienced player, there will many its aspects you want to know. Among others, “what is golf stroke index?” may come into your mind first. If you want to know all about golf stroke index from what it is to how it is allocated my article is what you need:

What is golf stroke index?

Stroke index is in the headed column of each golf scorecard. There is a number for each hole from 1 to 18. The apparent fact is that these numbers don’t let you know where you make your shot or the minimum requirement of age to attempt your tee shot. Below, I will explain what golf stroke index is and how it is  distributed:


Marie Bliss November 30, 2017

There is no doubt that the golf rules are very stringent and detailed. It is aimed to make the players commit off the beginning period to enjoy the game. When playing with family and friends, golfers are able to ease the transition. However, they worry when playing golf with others since they are not aware of the rules.

The basic golf rules for beginners are not too difficult for them to grasp. This helpful info will help the newcomers feel simpler.


Gary P. Peoples November 11, 2017

To many folks, even avid golfers, that tiny object which so many of us spend so much time and energy swinging at and then cussing all chasing after is simply a golf ball. It’s small, usually white, molded out of plastic, covered with inverted dimples that somehow affect where and how far it goes, and it has a brand name stamped on it. Some 500 million are produced annually in the U.S., most of them selling for $1 to $2 apiece.


Gary P. Peoples November 10, 2017

The Dawn Coe-Jones that most sports fans know is a long-striding, confident golfer who is the only Canadian woman to have surpassed $1 million in career earnings. Last season was her best-ever on the Ladies Professional Golf Association tour, she won her first tournament and a career-high $251,392, then added another $100,000 in December for winning the women’s Matchplay Championship in Hawaii.


Gary P. Peoples August 2, 2017

Golfers in Singapore are among the most fortunate in the world. Within the small and affluent republic, there are no fewer than 25 courses. Although membership rosters of the top clubs in the island-state read like a Who’s of Singapore, and the majority of the leading establishments are strictly reserved for members and their guests, Singapore’s burgeoning golfing population, estimated at more than 70,000, is still spoilt for choice.


Marie Bliss April 22, 2017

Any man who says he doesn’t care about being long is a damned liar

You gotta figure even monkeys can putt. Give ten thousand monkeys ten thousand putters and one of them is going to nail a ninety-five-foot snake through a double-break before too long. But hand them all oversize forty-nine-inch titanium drivers and not one will crank the ball 350 yards. Not in ten thousand years. Forget opposable thumbs! Being long off the tee makes us human.


Marie Bliss February 22, 2017

1. GRIP.

Avoid the urge to squeeze down on the club. Maintain a light, even grip pressure. If your hands are relaxed, you’re bound to generate more speed, or whip, and you’re less likely to botch the release.


Open your stance while keeping your shoulders square to the target line. Think of your upper and lower body as two parts in mutual tension. Opening your stance allows more tension to come into play at the beginning of the swing. This gives you maximum torque because your upper body gains leverage against your lower body–which makes you less likely to cut across the ball.