Marie Bliss November 20, 2017

Focus, great instruction, and method are the key to master archery. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hunter, reviewing the fundamentals periodically is very important. Yet, my following tips will help you improve the performance more or less.

Test the anchor points:

Actually, this is just a point that before shooting, your bow is pushed back. It’s very important to pay attention to precision and consistency. In case you are the beginner of archery, trying with your anchor points can help you find out a position working consistently. Basically, the common anchor point is to put your hand which pushes the string as long as it is located under your cheekbone on the side and to the tip of the nose. A good position ought to meet these features: comfort and accurateness. The key to your balanced anchor point is to keep the groupings exactly and tightly.

Both consistency in bow positioning and locating the anchor point are important. Putting a few kinds of identifying information on the bow helps you determine it is on control when making a shot in a group. Keep in mind that your hand has to be put at a consistent point when you grip the bow. Apart from holding your bow at the same point, when shooting it’s also very important to get a moderate gripping level. The too tight level of the grip may lead to the slight change in your shot’s angle while the too loose level results in the reduction of power. Thus, the rule is to keep it firm but relaxed that means having the comfortable and natural feelings, free of being tense and tight.

Keep a suitable posture:

Like other types of sports, keeping a proper posture is very important since it will impact to your aim directly. Doing this properly not only raises your power and accuracy but helps you determine the anchor points easier as well. When making a shot, you have to make sure that your feet are perpendicular to the target and less than the width of your shoulder. Moreover, your stance also needs to be checked before you raise your bow and look for the anchor point. This is easy to do but having a right stance means you win a half of your battle.

Prepare for shooting:

If you have a good stance, a correct gripping level, your consistent anchor points, it’s time to make a shot and hit the target. Don’t be rushed but do that as soon as you feel all aspects you prepare are perfect. You need the time of mentality to deal with the complicated physics related to your shot. Concentrate your attention to the target at least 10 seconds before shooting. It seems to be simple, but if you can’t control your brain, it’s straightforward to be impatient and nervous when releasing the shot hastily.

Follow through:

You can apply the adage “keep your eye on the ball” on the target of the shooting. That means after your shot, it can be attractive to drop your bow and reduce your tension shooting by looking elsewhere but keep your stance. Until your shot is landed, you have to ensure that your bow up and focus on the target. This is completely not a useless thing but a habit improving your aim and keeping it steady during your shooting time. If you have the habit that you drop the bow and break the stance as soon as firing, unconsciously, you may begin dropping your bow earlier. An instructor or your friend can help you check this or you can ask the support from a video, camera or tape.

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